Overwatch Season 5 begins, new map announced

Posted on June 2, 2017

If the anniversary event of Overwatch wasn’t enough to keep you entertained, hyped, and continually hating Genji mains (although his new skin is fantastic), the amazing people at Blizzard have just announced a new map. I know a lot of you are probably like “yeah cool” and I suppose a new map is just a new map, but the dedication and care that Blizzard are putting into this game cannot be ignored. We’ve just had new arena maps introduced, the flow of events seems to be endless, and the introduction of new skins, emotes, and sprays continues to keep us collectors at bay. And now a new map. Surely by now we all see the value Blizzard and Overwatch provide its 30 million players?!

The new map  announcement is also quite interesting!  A schematic of the map was released alongside the announcement which shows two specimens missing from the schematic. The scene for the new map is on the moon, and if you remember, the opening of Overwatch and the comic for Winston places him on a Moon base. So this map isn’t just a new map, it reveals more of the story and lore we follow in this game.

Furthermore, one of the missing specimens I mentioned earlier is listed as Winston, which reveals a little more about his history. Another specimen and a name that has been recently teased is Hammond. And in true Blizzard fashion, they’ve potentially just revealed the next character being released to Overwatch. So with the announcement of a new map could also come a new character. How exciting!!


Season 5 was also added to the list of awesome things to get excited about with this game, and so the week long wait of casual play and skrims can come to an end.

With so little time to process what’s been announced, the only questions  I can bring to thought is who is Hammond? Will he be a Tank? Or a new defence character? Could he be Doomfist before he was Doomfist? So many questions! For now, get hyped and start climbing ranked for Season 5!!