Pokémon Go in Apple’s new Augmented Reality tech

Posted on June 6, 2017

An all new ARKit (Augmented Reality Kit) is in the works for Apple iOS and Pokémon Go will be one of the first apps to support it. During this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple showed off a brief demonstration for what the end result of their new tech might be.

The ARKit will utilise “fast, stable motion tracking,” with scale estimation and ambient lighting estimation, allowing for a more immersive and 3-dimensional feel. This is potentially a huge step forward for Pokémon Go, allowing for a much more realistic and better looking style of the AR technology that hopefully matches the original trailer more than the current version.

apple ARKit

Apple has not yet mentioned how the app will work with the ARKit or when the kit will launch, however other titles like Lego Batman and an app from Ikea were also revealed to be receiving the same support.

Unity and Unreal Engine will be supported in the release.