Pokémon GO Raids are now available to more players

Posted on June 24, 2017

The new changes announced to Pokémon GO have motivated players to return to the game as new social aspects and battling systems were revealed to the community. The raiding system was a key feature many players were exited to experience. However, no one was sure when the raid system was coming with little indication from Niantic. Many level 35 players and above were surprised to find out yesterday when they were the first to trial raids out in the game in a beta state.

Reddit blew up with many concerns from players lower than level 35 about the cap level to access raids. They complained that reaching level 35 was a hard task for the average player. Concerns have now, however, been quelled! After only being out in beta for 24 hours, more players now have access to the beta raiding system that was originally assumed to launch in July. This comes as a surprise, again, to many players!

Pokémon GO raids

The new level cap for accessing raids is level 28, and to join the raid you need to spin a gym stop that drops a free raid pass, or you can purchase one with PokéCoins from the shop.  I recommend spinning a gym’s stop of the same team, because the bonus drop gives you a higher chance to obtain a pass should you not have the PokéCoins to purchase one.

Early details regarding the raiding system are pouring in on Reddit. Many players are saying that the addition to the game is fun, exciting, and rewarding. However, there also seems to be a lot of unhappy players complaining about the new gym system becoming monotonous and repetitive. The conflict between the updates is confusing given the Pokémon GO community have been screaming for changes to the gym battling system for almost the entire year since the game launched. I personally spent a very cold night out knocking down some gyms to get some overnight coins and really enjoyed the experience. I believe the new changes to the game introduce a major improvement to the motivation factor of playing the game.

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