Project Scorpio has us feeling its power

Posted on June 7, 2017

With Project Scorpio having been quite the hot topic for Microsoft for some time now, E3 promises to be our best chance yet for a good look at the highly anticipated new console. Boasting native 4K gaming and VR headset compatibility, it’s certainly a competitive beast when it comes to today’s console wars. However, Microsoft have done a very good job of keeping the bulk of the console’s design and internal hardware under wraps.

So ahead of the company’s June 11th keynote, what do we know? Well, on Monday Microsoft have gone ahead and copywritten an ‘S’ symbol. The mysterious ‘S’ logo, according to its trademark listing, is related to “Video game consoles for use with an external display screen or monitor; video game interactive remote control units and Computer game software for use with personal computers and video game consoles.”

Whilst it isn’t clear at this point if the trademark listing is for Project Scorpio or perhaps a new game in development, the timing of the trademark filing itself is quite interesting.

Microsoft have also just released a bunch of Project Scorpio teaser trailers. Each trailer is only a few seconds long featuring a bit of animal instinct and the tag line ‘Feel True Power’. With emphasis on the word teaser, Microsoft definitely have me hanging out for E3.