Rabbid Peach gets an Instagram, begins internet domination

Posted on June 20, 2017

Even before release, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been generating a lot of buzz around the internet, and probably not for the reason you’d expect. From the limited gameplay and trailer reveals we have so far witnessed, it seems like one particular character is standing out above the rest, Rabbid Peach.

The sassy yet lovable character has cropped up in nearly every reveal for the game to date including its box art – and isn’t she glorious?

It looks like Ubisoft and Nintendo agree because the day to day life of Rabbid Peach is now being promptly displayed in her very own Instagram account. Yes, this is really happening.

They assured me that I didn’t need any photoshop! #star #natural #nophotoshop #rabbidpeach #mariorabbids

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Just chilling in the garden! #chill #lifeisbeautiful #nofilter #rabbids #rabbidpeach #mariorabbids

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For all those brave enough to follow Rabid Peach, you can hit her up on Instagram here.

Mario + Rabbid’s Kingdom Battle will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch on August 29. And somehow I don’t feel like this is the last we will see of Rabbid Peach before then.

Best new character of 2017?