The Swords of Ditto – 12 minutes of pure gameplay

Posted on June 29, 2017

After its announcement just prior to E3, we have been hanging out to hear more about The Swords of Ditto for some time now.

Looks like our desires are being fulfilled because Devolver Digital have just unveiled 12 minutes of pure gameplay for their upcoming Roguelike RPG. Check it out.

Immediately the trailer shows off the game’s local coop feature and a particularly cute and cartoony aesthetic. Developed by OneBitBeyond, The Swords of Ditto incorporates an Action RPG combat system with Roguelike mechanics. Expect to see main quests and side quests, boss battles, tons of loot, and perma-death.

Players will fight there way through both an overworld and various dungeons with the final goal of defeating the game’s big bad, Momo. Despite having perma-death, the game is also incorporating some clever features to allow each failed run to have some kind of impact on the world, or capable of benefiting future runs. For instance, a statue of a former hero may be found in later runs or the grave of a previously unsuccessful warrior can be uncovered along with some of their treasure.

If a hero is successful in defeating Momo, the world will then change for your next attempt to highlight the new world order. This ever-changing landscape would definitely feel very rewarding and creates a bit of uniqueness to the genre.

The Swords of Ditto is expected to release in early 2018 for PC and PS4. For more information head to their website, Steam page, or GOG.