Toby: The Secret Mine is finally coming to PS4

Posted on June 24, 2017

Toby: The Secret Mine is a beautiful dark platformer fitting into the genre snugly next to Limbo and Badlands. It is played in the 2D side-scrolling style with dark shadow characters in contrast to engaging environments. You control Toby as he tries to rescue his fellow townsfolk from their kidnappers, solve different kinds of puzzles, navigate the dangerous world and try to save your friends!

Gameplay of Toby: The Secret Mine

Sound or look familiar? That’s probably because Toby: The Secret Mine enjoyed a 2015 release on Steam. It later came to Android and iOS in 2016, and Xbox One and WiiU in early 2017.

This little guy is back on our minds as developer Headup Games confirmed that Toby is coming to PS4, finally. So for us Sony gamers, we can look forward to getting to play this sweet dark adventure.

Gameplay of Toby: The Secret Mine

Look at him! Like a tiny batman without the angst.  He’ll be hitting the PS Store on July 6th this year.

Can’t wait for PS4? Visit the Steam store page here.