Vampyr’s E3 2017 trailer released

Posted on June 9, 2017

In a starkly different style from their last game (Life is Strange), DONTNOD has released their E3 bumper trailer for their latest game, Vampyr.

Vampyr is a bloody, gory RPG that follows the story of Dr. Jonathan Reid, war surgeon and new vampire. You must try to uphold your vow of healing the sick and injured, but stay alive by feeding on those you are trying to protect.

Players will need to choose and then stalk their prey to make sure they’re not accidentally feeding on a vampire hunter or something equally sinister, and it’s rumoured you can complete the whole game without taking a single life.

Set in 1918 London, players will compete with the Spanish Influenza virus, known for wiping out a lot of people (50 mil is a lot right?), so it might be a little tough to find someone alive and well to feed on.

Incidentally, with that very specific date, maybe you can meet Twilight’s Edward? After all, he canonically was turned in 1918 (Chicago, granted) due to death by the Spanish Influenza.  A nod to some other vampire culture, DONTNOD?

A possible Cameo? I’m sure Rpatz would LOVE that.

The trailer is dark and gritty, playing into a lot of popular vampire tropes. Lots of candles near excessive blood splatters? Check.

At least one pretty lady being fed on? Yup.

Vampire fights? Definitely.

A man staring pensively out a window as he contemplates morality, or perhaps what to eat for dinner? Done.

People hanging on hooks in a nightmarish landscape while what appears to be a demon made of light stands around? …Alright.

Whatever is going on here???

Seems Vampyr has some hidden surprises in store for us. These screenshots aren’t intentionally blurry mind you, but DONTNOD is really fond of their motion blur.

Vampyr is set for release in November this year, but you can preorder now through their website and get bonus DLC as well. It’s coming for PS4, XboxOne and PC.

Watch the trailer here: