What is Sega Forever?

Posted on June 18, 2017

What is Sega Forever?

Your guess is as good as ours, but what we do know is that the Sega Forever Facebook and Twitter accounts have become active over the last few days. Featuring gorgeous photographs of past Sega consoles and #segaforever tags.

We know that Sega has sent out a bunch of mix-tapes featuring classic soundtracks (as in actual cassette tapes) one of which was received by Segabits. But could this have anything to do with Sega Forever?

Sega Forever cassette tape

It is also rumoured that there will be an imminent launch of a subscription service for classic Sega games on mobile devices, but that is merely rumour. With E3 coming and going this week, there is still no official announcement of what this means. Could this have something to do with Sega Forever?

We know that Sega is considering reviving past franchises on their road to 2020.  The social media posts appear to be working their way through Sega’s consoles with a post each day, they are up to Saturn today. If Dreamcast is tomorrow, then what comes next?

With Atari announcing they are back in the hardware game, and rumours already spreading about a new Sega console as well, could that be what Sega Forever is all about?

Certainly hoping for a new console would be a long shot at best. But stranger things have happened.

Watch this space.