Antique Carnevale makes its mysterious entrance

Posted on July 7, 2017

Square Enix have just announced a new game, Antique Carnevale, alongside it a mysterious prologue trailer (because that’s how they like to roll), that asks more questions than it answers.

No English subtitle version has been released yet, but we’re lucky enough to have a translation of it right here

“Have you ever thought about the difference between “things” and “living things?”

What about the difference between “doll” and “people”?

Asking anyone will likely get you such an answer – “they can’t move on their own,” and such.

However, that’s an invitation to the labyrinth.

Is a person who can’t move on their own a “doll”?

Is a doll who can move on their own a “person”?

As they wander searching for an exit, the travelers find themselves lost in the depths…

And a young man visits the labyrinth…

He will surely listen. To the cries left behind by the decayed “people” in the labyrinth.

He will surely know. The wishes of the “dolls” trapped in the labyrinth.

To the young man who stands between “people” and “doll”…

I pray.

May he be blessed by those before him.”

The first official trailer, found on Antique Carnevale’s website also shares a look at its first of five characters – Bernhard. He is a young knight of Valamion who protects the town from danger. He has a strong sense of justice, has a particular disdain for those who rush to conclusions, but is often reprimanded by those around him. His current mission has him seeking out the Ultimate Master of the next generation, tasked to him by the towns president.

Antique Carnevale

More information concerning Antique Carnevale will be revealed on July 18, 2017 and another character will be announced July 7th on their official website. We’ll have the updates right here on Checkpoint.