Batman, The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us: Telltale reveal all

Posted on July 20, 2017

Telltale Games is a name in the industry that proves that lightning can strike twice, hell it can strike a bunch of times. While the core mechanic of their headlining titles has remained more or less the same for the last five years, it’s how they utilise this to really wow audiences. Telling narrative and character based stories from some iconic franchises, Telltale give fans a chance to take the reigns in some fantastic scenarios. Big hits like Tales of the Borderlands, The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Minecraft Story Mode have kept their branding strong.

After Telltale had teased a big announcement via Twitter (below) coming alongside San Diego Comic Con, fans were quick to dig deeper. The Tweet then got retweeted by Adam Harrington, voice actor of Bigby Wolf from The Wolf Among Us, and the fandom went into meltdown. Since its final episode ended, fans of the game have been exceedingly vocal about their desire for a sequel.

Well the fans have had their wish granted, but why announce just one game when you can announce three? First off the block we got a look at the new season of Batman with Batman: Enemy Within. The first season, Batman: A Telltale Series, was released last August and focused more on Bruce Wayne and what makes him tick. It was a side of the Batman story we rarely get to see. The season 2 release had been leaked a few days ago by the New Zealand Film & Video Labelling Body, so this announcement wasn’t a massive surprise, although the August 8th release was a nice addition.

The news that has me most excited was that we will be getting a forth and final season of The Walking Dead in 2018. While I long ago gave up on the TV Series, the story of Clem, who became the protagonist for Season 2 and 3, is one of heartbreak and growth. Clem is an amazing character and I won’t lie, there were moments in this game that managed to drag an emotional response out of me. After the events of the last season, New Frontier,Clem has made some important decisions about her life and is looking to set things right.

Telltale's The Walking Dead

Lastly, The original Wolf Among Us was released back in 2013 and was a massive hit. Set inside the world of Bill Willingham’s Fables comic, the game had a very Film Noir detective story mixed with fantastical beings. Playing as Bigby Wolf, the sheriff for the mystical Fabletown, the game did a great job of putting us into the difficult position that Bigby has found himself in. Leaving us to a rather large revelation at the end of Season 1, we’re not entirely sure where the story is going to take us or what kind of state our relationship with Snow White will be in. We will have to wait until 2018 to get our hands on it but while we wait you can check out the video below and try out the newly released Season 2 of Minecraft: Story Mode.