Gather your Comrades for Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer

Posted on July 28, 2017

There’s just something about a Final Fantasy title that draws you in. Is it the characters? The animation style? The sheer scale and depth of the world in which the games take place? Or is it the Chocobo’s? Either way, if you couldn’t get enough of Final Fantasy XV then Square Enix just made your on-fleek hair and bromance filled world that little bit brighter with multiplayer expansion Comrades.

Gather your Comrades

First announced back in October, little has been said about Final Fantasy XV’s slated multiplayer expansion Comrades, until now. The upcoming expansion mode is a bit of a bit of an oddity here considering the games main story focus, however it’s one I think will work well for Square Enix.

Comrades (which as of yet has no official set release date) will enter a closed online beta test next weekend, August 3rd to the 8th for anyone who has the Final Fantasy XV season pass (and PlayStation Plus/Xbox Live Gold). So it looks like for a select few it wont be that long to wait till they see it in action. What can those lucky season pass holders expect to see in the online beta? Well, players will be able to create their own avatars and use them to fight, cook, and go on quests.

Players will be able to create and save up to eight characters, customising them with beta limited elements according to the games official website. Also on offer in the closed beta will be four types of weapons with attack patterns that differ from Noctis as well as choosing from one of three quests for players to sink their teeth into.

As with all beta’s it’s player beware, this will be a limited version of what is on offer from the full version so its best to reserve your full judgments for now.