Overwatch cosplaying dog Vox steals our hearts

Posted on July 13, 2017

There’s no denying that people love dressing their pets up in crazy outfits, from cute little overcoats to adorable collars… its a trend with seemingly no end. Well this talented doggo (and her equally talented owners) have taken it to a whole new level. Vox is the cosplaying and painting dog who has risen to internet fame for her brilliant cosplay pictures, and particularly of late her amazing Overwatch cosplays.

Whilst Overwatch has inspired some truly stunning cosplays in the last year since its launch, there’s no denying that Vox is the clear winner here. With a full line up of Overwatch cosplays and other amazing cosplays to pick from we’ve included just a few for you admire below.

Vox is a Shiba Inu, an incredibly talented breed, and whilst it’s unclear who the hooman talent is behind this doggo star, it’s more than clear who the real star is here. So if you’re as obsessed with this cosplaying pooch as we are then you can head on over to her Twitter located here and check out the rest of her cosplay photos and other fun pictures.

Vox, you’re definitely our player of the game!