Dark Souls and hipster gamers unite as “The Vinyl Trilogy” is announced

Posted on July 28, 2017

Bandai Namco Entertainment has just made a Dark Souls related announcement that is music to my ears – literally. On their official store, this Q3 season, fans of the gaming series will be able to purchase Dark Souls – The Vinyl Trilogy. A short trailer announcing the soundtrack release was dropped showing off the artwork of the records packaging and it looks stellar!

Buyers will need to be fast however, as this release is an exclusive numbered collection, with only 2,000 copies to be made available. The 9-vinyl collectors box will include over 5 hours of perfect sound quality music. Composed by Motoi Sakaraba and Yuka Kitamura, Dark Souls orchestral arrangement will engross listeners into the umbral, malevolent, and dramatic world of this much loved series.

Containing the completed works of Dark Souls I, II, and III the original soundtracks will take players on a nostalgic and occasionally frustrating walk down memory lane. Make sure you get in quick, as this trilogy box set will be guaranteed to go fast.