Doomfist joins Overwatch; Terry Crews still a fan

Posted on July 7, 2017

After lots of rumours and speculation, the long expected character Doomfist is now available in Overwatch as a playable character in the Public Test Region on PC, officially making him the 25th hero and fourth new addition to the cast of the incredibly popular online shooter.

According to his backstory on the Overwatch site, “Akande Ogundimu was born into a well-regarded Nigerian family, heir to its prosthetic-technology company. After losing his right arm, his company’s cybernetic prosthetics allowed him to recover from his injuries, even making him stronger… he was then offered the chance to fight as a mercenary.” A fictional news report on the Overwatch blog teased that Reaper broke him out of jail, allowing him to reclaim his gauntlet.

Check out his origin story in the trailer below.

Despite the campaign from Terry Crews to be the voice of Doomfist, the character is instead voiced by Stomp the Yard actor Sahr Ngaujah

Regardless, Terry Crews is still a fan – he’s probably pretty busy with Crackdown 3 anyway.

Doomfist will join as an Offense hero, with abilities including a seismic slam ground-pound style attack, a rising uppercut, rocket punch and more. His abilities all focus on hand-to-hand combat, with attacks that pull and push enemies into all sorts of different directions. His Meteor Strike in particular as his ultimate ability could prove to be devastating.

Doomfist Abilities

No word on when Doomfist is expected to move from the testing region into full release including console, but if previous character releases are anything to go by we shouldn’t have to wait too long. For more information on the character and Overwatch in general, head to the official site.