Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator delayed

Posted on July 16, 2017

Fans who have been eagerly awaiting the release of Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator were left disappointed. Due for release on Steam  on the 13th of July (American time), this anticipated game failed to unlock on Steam at the scheduled time.

It started to look unlikely that the game was to be released anytime soon. Finally, towards the end of the day we got this update:

Vernon talking about why Dream Daddy was delayed

Disappointing, sure. But, speaking as a games developer for a moment-

This needs to be a more normalised move for studios. Not shipping broken games (looking at you, Bioware), letting your dev team get rest (looking at you, Triple A studios).  At most you should be letting people ‘Crunch’ (staying back to make sure the game is ready for launch- extreme working conditions) for 3 days on a game, not 3 weeks. I’d much prefer to know my game came from  people making it and fixing it with love, not plowing through miserably for an arbitrary release date.

I think this is a bold move for them, especially on a first game, but it really shouldn’t be. Treating your developers with respect and dignity seems like some revolutionary thing, but you’ll always get a better game, promise. This pushback hasn’t lowered my expectations of the game- I’m more excited than ever for Dream Daddy!  It shows a level of trust and commitment to the work to decide to push back for qualities sake, and I trust in that attitude.

Regardless of the pushback, they’ve since tweeted confirming the new release date:

Not long to wait in the end. For Australia though, that’s actually Thursday the 20th, so bear that in mind. (Also because it’s this writers birthday, wink wink).

Watch out for the new release of Dream Daddy on Steam here.