A Legendary announcement for Pokémon GO

Posted on July 21, 2017

A video had surfaced on the Pokemon Go website and everyone should be excited.  The video release shows a whole bunch of new features coming to the game including an allusion to team battles and gym upgrades. It’s not clear if these features speak to the ones that have already been added, but what is clear is that the features may be significant given their highlight during the video.

The video also shows players obtaining an invitation to allow players to join a new type of raid. The video reveals that by obtaining the invitation you get to battle one of the  Legendary Pokémon! All five of the Legendary birds are featured during  the 2 minute long video, and Niantic say that the birds can be caught and used for other raid battles but you cannot put them into gyms. It’s also not clear if you can capture only one of the Legendary birds each.

The Legendaries will be released on the 22nd of July during the Pokémon GO festival event at Grant Park in Chicago. They will first appear as raid bosses if enough Pokémon are captured during the event, and if the Legendary raid is defeated the highly sought after Pokémon will be released globally as potential raid bosses.  The wait could soon be over and we may finally start to collect Legendaries! Since the release of these details, speculation around trading and the release of a new fossil event system which allows you to catch MewTwo has also emerged. No offical detail  has been provided by Niantic on this however.

There is a lot to be excited about with Pokémon GO and Niantic seems to be listening to the cries of the fans. With heaps of events already been and gone and many more to come, I believe the Pokémon GO community is in for a treat this weekend and beyond!

Lugia Legendary Raid for Pokemon Go