Mega Maker puts the Mega Power in your Mega Hands

Posted on July 17, 2017

Nintendo has graced us with creative freedom with Super Mario Maker on WiiU and 3DS, but what about us poor PC owners that yearn for something, anything, that hearkens back to a  “better” time?  Some of us, myself included, aren’t lucky enough to own (or have ever experienced) an older generation console except via the grey area of emulation.

Enter Mega Maker.

“Mega Maker is a fan game where you can create and share your own Mega Man levels. You can make a traditional stage, a series of puzzle chambers or even an automatic level, anything goes! On top of that, you can play one of many levels uploaded by other users, allowing you to create and customize your very own Mega Man experience.”

This fan made project boasts an incredible amount of customisation with the stage builder which allows you to select from 46 enemies, 29 level objects, 12 bosses, 24 special weapons, 40 backgrounds, 129 tilesets, 63 music tracks and more!

For more information and a link to the download, hit up the Mega Maker website!

Mega Maker promo image