There is a NES emulator built into Nintendo Switch

Posted on July 8, 2017

With the NES classic gone the way of the Dodo and with the SNES classic on the horizon, Apparently modders have found files for a NES emulator inside retail versions of the Nintendo Switch and tweeted their finding for the world to see.

Whilst the Wii had a very comprehensive Virtual Console and the Wii U also having a selection of retro games, a virtual console on the Switch is yet to launch. Remember that in early June Nintendo announced that in 2018 they would launch their online service for a mere $29.95 per year fee (AUD) but made clear that there will be a classic game collection also.

NES emulator found

Now, the plot thickens, dear reader. Nintendo Launched the NES classic a couple of months before the launch of the Nintendo Switch. Now we have the SNES classic coming out in September (a few months earlier than last years NES classic) and the question is when will they stop making the new SNES classic? The answer is likely early 2018, which is just pre launch of their subscription.

This is just a guess of course, but it surely is interesting timing. It is highly likely they started working on the SNES classic prior to the launch of the NES classic. It is also known Nintendo estimate they will have sold 13 million Switch consoles by next April. If demand for the SNES classic is anything like that of the NES classic, it will be incredibly difficult to find.

You couple that with the playability of the Switch when it comes to that era of games. Even if only 50% of Nintendo’s estimated installed base subscribes, that’s approximately $225 Million dollars of revenue the moment the clients sign up. Per Year. For providing a back catalogue of games that are mainly developed in-house.

Could there be an SNES emulator as well?

Could Nintendo be that smart that they produced the NES classic to dig up interest in Nintendo after the Wii U did less than well? Then, launched their Switch (embedded a NES emulator), then followed up with the SNES classic with the intention of cutting production prior to the launch of their new online service?

It is almost like when Sony aimed their PSX toward adults, but in reverse and targeting those of us that moved on from Nintendo, hitting a bullseye with our youth.

At least Sega are doing it for free. Watch this space.