Noita is a new witch of a game where every pixel is simulated

Posted on July 26, 2017

Finnish indie developer Nolla Games have revealed their upcoming title – Noita (Finnish for ‘witch’).

In what looks to be a fun side-scrolling pixel adventure game, Noita uses the Falling Everything Engine, a physics-based engine where each pixel is simulated. What does that mean exactly?  It means you are potentially able to interact with each pixel, each having a different chemical or physical property (eg. liquid, gas-like, sand, and larger rigid rock types).  What this means in terms of gameplay is that your witch character can melt, burn, freeze or explode the world around you, depending on which spells you cast.

Noita spell casting

The game describes itself as an “action rogue-lite” with the worlds in Noita being procedurally generated, meaning a new experience each time you play.  The game also features permadeath so you will most definitely see these new environments after every death and respawn.

Noita stage example

While no release date has been set yet for Noita (the creators reply to this question with the typical Finnish response “when it is ready”), it has been confirmed that this game will be going into early access on PC at this stage.  This looks to be a game worth looking out for, and I’d be very interested to see how a physics-based game where every pixel is simulated influences gameplay.

Check out the reveal trailer below and see how your character can change its surrounding environment pixel by pixel.