Pokémon McFlurries come to McDonald’s Japan. Who do you choose?

Posted on July 10, 2017

As if Japan couldn’t get any cooler than it already was, McDonald’s Japan have announced they will be releasing a set of Pokémon inspired McFlurries.

The Pokémon Company have partnered up with McDonald’s to bring Japan these Pocket Monster themed treats as a celebration of the release of “Pokémon the Movie 20 : I choose you!” which releases on July 15th.

As it stands now, consumers are being asked to use the power of the interwebs to vote on their preferred flavour from a list of 6 potentials. Of course, unless you are travelling to Japan in the very near future, these new treats may be slightly out of reach. BUT you can still join the fun by finding McDonald’s Japan on Twitter and voting on your favourite Pokémon, some of the flavours are… interesting

Currently the front runner is Pikachu with a banana and chocolate flavour (which makes sense when you think about it)

Pikachu Pokémon McFlurry for McDonald's Japan

Coming second, with a frankly surprising showing, is Gengar with the special ingredient being a purple potato… apparently.

Gengar Pokémon McFlurry for McDonald's Japan

And running third currently is our favourite squirting turtle, Squirtle! Squirtle brings a delicious sounding ramune sparkling soda theme.

Squirtle Pokémon McFlurry for McDonald's Japan

Outside of the top three – Bulbasaur promises a refreshing Broccoli flavour, Jigglypuff’s McFlurry features white peach, and Charmander features habanero (a type of chilli pepper).

So if by chance you like Pokémon and are travelling to Japan in the next couple of months, you are in for a treat. But if not, you can still influence the outcome by voting and re-tweeting your fave.