Pylon: Rogue to slash its way onto Steam

Posted on July 28, 2017

Pylon: Rogue, a rogue-like (obviously) ARPG is coming off early access.  It’s been up on Steam since 2016,  but the official full release is just around the corner.

In Pylon, you’ll play one of four main heroes:  A magical brutish Golem, a sniping Ranger, the melee Moneydin who transforms enemies, and the stealthy Assassin.  Additionally, each character has three distinctive  play styles that are enhanced through 40+ special items, weapons, and armour.

It features Permadeath, treasure chest hunting and procedural generation in traditional rogue-like fashion. This is early access done right! Via community feedback, the official release is going to include more player-tailored features. New levels, new items, new enemies,  level events, new weapon-styles, and a final boss encounter.

Pylon Rogue screenshot

Dane Emerson, the founder of QuantumSquid had this to say on the official release:

“We are long-time fans of Action-RPGs, with the deep character customization they offer, but these games require a considerable time commitment to complete. Pylon: Rogue takes the essence of Action-RPG character customization and combines it with the fast-paced, arcade play-style of a Rogue-like. The result is an original experience that offers layered character progression, and a constant sense of discovery, in short, sprint-based play.”

Pylon Rogue screenshot

Pylon: Rogue is set for full release on the 21st of September this year. It will be selling for $14.99 , with a 50% off sale for a limited time at launch.

Follow it on Steam, and if you really can’t wait, grab it on early access now! Keep an eye on Pylon: Rogue on the official website as well.