Remember Constructor? A demo of the reimagining has released

Posted on July 1, 2017

From Deep Silver and System 3, Constructor is a  reimagining of the 1997 title of the same name. For console gamers and old fans of the game, Constructor is coming to PS4 and Xbox One digitally and physically if you live in America and near a Gamestop (why do they get everything?) The game, as of late May, was already made available for PC players.

Constructor, if you didn’t play the 1997 version, is a game about, well, it’s Construction meets corruption. A simple game of being a budding property tycoon with a twist- you must interact with the ‘undesirables’- folk who can get you what you want, but it may be used against you. Build your empire of homes and businesses to create the most thriving city you can.

Constructor gameplay screenshot

So here we are, in 2017, and it seems the reimagined version of Constructor is back. Already on steam for PC, it’ll be coming to PS4 and Xbox One. If you can’t wait for that though, there are demos on both the PS4 store and the Xbox One store, offering 40 minutes of tutorial and 12 minutes of the single-player mode. If that doesn’t satisfy, it’s also infinitely re-playable.

The full game will be out for console players on the 25th of July this year, so you won’t have long to wait regardless.

Get the PS4 Demo here. Or, get it on Steam here.