Square Enix sets release date for JRPG Lost Sphear

Posted on July 27, 2017

Tokyo RPG Factory, the development team hand crafted by Square Enix is likely a name you’ve heard before. They were responsible for I am Setsuna, a beautiful and stunning JRPG which launched last year on Windows PC, PS4 and PlayStation Vita and was relaunched this year on the Nintendo Switch. Thankfully this development team didn’t stop there and started working on a new JRPG title Lost Sphear.

Lost Sphear screen

Lost Sphear expands upon many of the beloved features from the studio’s debut title, I am Setsuna, and continues Tokyo RPG Factory’s dedication to blending the nostalgia of classic JRPG’s with the latest technology for a new generation of gamers. So if you’ve been looking forward to Lost Spear, then you’re going to love this! Square Enix have just shared a bunch of new screenshots for the game, showing off more of the games battle mechanics and stunning world.

While this new batch of screenshots provide a much closer look at many of the games classic mechanics, one thing that differs from when we first heard about this game last month is that the main protagonist Katana and his party appear to be in mech suits during part of the game.

This all made me a little giddy and excited, seeing the mech’s on display in the screenshots, so I was extremely relieved to know that we also finally have a release date for Lost Spear. Not quite making it into this year, Lost Sphear will be releasing on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on January 28th, 2018.

To see more of the freshly released screenshots or to simply keep up to date on this amazing upcoming JRPG head on over to the Lost Sphear webpage and as always check back in with us here at Checkpoint for regular updates as well.