Tales of the Rays ‘shines brightly’ in first English trailer

Posted on July 7, 2017

The first English trailer for Bandai Namco’s popular JRPG series ‘Tales’, entitled Tales of the Rays has just been released. This latest ‘Tales’ instalment is a smart phone game that is expected to be available in the west this winter (or Summer for those in the Northern Hemisphere) on iTunes and GooglePlay.

The trailer shows a number of ‘Rays’ gameplay aspects, including character customisation, battle mechanics and the plethora of past Tales heroes you’ll be able to control.

The trailer looks amazing and utilises that certain charm Tales games possess to seamlessly transition anime and gameplay into a single entity. We get to see just what players will be able to do to progress in the game, and it looks to be a lot of dungeon crawling, levelling up, monster battles, and a unique and engaging storyline, as is the norm for this beloved series.

Tales of the Rays’ story features two protagonists, Ix and Mileena, best friends who live a life of peace on their island home Odanse. One fateful day a shower of meteors cascades from the sky, decimating their home and changing their lives forever. Surviving this cataclysm by sheer chance, the two friends are rescued by a crew of warriors calling themselves the Salvation Front. As they travel to the capital, they discover a grave new danger threatening their world.

Tales of the Rays will be a free to play smart phone game available for download on the Apple iTunes store and Google Play this year within the Q3 periode. More information on the release and game can be found on the official website.