Thief of Thieves game is here to nab your attention

Posted on July 10, 2017

If you’ve not had a chance to read Robert Kirkman’s Thief of Thieves comic series than you are missing out. Launching in 2012 and releasing monthly, the story follows a master thief who seemingly steps out of the criminal world to start a brand new life — stealing from other thieves. Whilst attempting to make up for years of criminal activity and mend his failing marriage, Conrad Paulson (the series protagonist), unfortunately now has a long list of enemies on both sides of the law.

Late last week Skybound Entertainment, producers of the Thief of Thieves comic, announced that they had partnered with Finnish indie studio Rival Games to create a game based on the comic. Playing as Celia, Conrad’s protege, Thief of Thieves will focus on the early years of the pairs’ working relationship as he trains her to become a skilled thief on her own.

Thief of Thieves in-game image

This is a period of time that the comics have not really touched on. What this means is that fans will be getting a great new story about the history of their favourite characters and new comers will be able to jump right in without any prior knowledge. Skybound Interactive president Dan Murray also added in the announcement.

“We’re excited to broaden Robert Kirkman’s world with a mix of characters from the original plot and fresh faces. Rival Games has created an excellent expansion of the original storyline and we can’t wait to share it with our fans.”

You will need to scope out your target, plan your approach and than avoid raising suspension as you make your way through each of the beautiful rendered locations. It all has a beautiful touch of romanticism for classic grand larceny like a noir heist film which is aided by the vivd colour pallet.

Thief of Thieves Season 1 is due out early 2018, for now it has only been announced for PC. Skybound has seen previous success with one of their titles being transferred to the video game world, The Walking Dead, so I’m sure this will be another hit. Be sure to check out the reveal trailer below.