It’s time for Steven Universe to Save the Light

Posted on July 25, 2017

Steven Universe fans rejoiced at Comic Con San Diego recently as Cartoon Network and Grumpyface Productions finally presented new gameplay footage, showing off the upcoming release of one their popular cartoon series – Steven Universe: Save the Light.

The trailer shows off the many RPG elements of gameplay in this highly anticipated console release. We get to see Steven, Connie, and the Crystal Gems do battle against a number of colourful enemies. It would appear that the battle grounds in Save the Light varies based on the location and is somewhat open in its layout, possibly meaning that there will be a mix of real-time and turn based variations during fights.

I’m super excited to see that characters will also be able to perform Fusions, which is always a sight to behold and will increase a player’s battle power. The prerequisites to achieve fusion in Save the Light have yet to be discussed, regardless; however, it’s going to awesome!

The trailer also suggests that there will be playable mini games during and after battle, along with combo attacks between your playable team members. Word exploration, throughout Save the Light, was given very little coverage in the trailer but it does appear that you’ll get to explore different worlds and use specific characters to overcome obstacles like scaling to higher areas, using Steven’s life-giving abilities.

Finally we get to see a snippet of fan-favourite Peridot both as an ally and enemy (the other known as “Sqauridot”) within the game, sadly not much more about Peridot’s involvement is known currently.

The trailer really captures that magical feeling that Steven Universe has instilled in the television show and I’m really hopeful that this game will stay true both the series and it’s general message of friendship, love, and acceptance for all. Steven Universe: Save the Light is set for a late year release around Spring and will available on the PS4 and Xbox One.