Toy Story joins the cast of Kingdom Hearts 3

Posted on July 16, 2017

Long suffering Kingdom Hearts fans can rejoice today as a new trailer release announces Kingdom Hearts’ first Pixar based world, Toy Story!

In the trailer we can see Sora and the crew meeting with the Toy Story characters in Andy’s room, a glimpse of fighting outside the house and also what appears to be a toy store. Whether Pizza Planet will make an appearance is unknown at this point.

During the outdoor battle scenes we are shown more of the transforming keyblade which turns into a large hammer and some kind of drill. Sora also appears to be able to pick up a large body with what seems to be one of those space catcher claws found in arcades, which allows for a devastating attack to be used on surrounding enemies.

Kingdom Hearts 3, which is the latest in the long running series, is due for release in 2018. Originally announced in 2013 it has just crossed its four year anniversary in development and after numerous delays, may finally see the light of day. Noting of course that the delays were reported as being more related to Square’s work on FFXV then any actual issues with development itself. The trailer and product are looking pretty good at the moment and must be nearing completion.

Big Hero 6 joins Kingdom Hearts III

The new trailer was released as part of the D23 expo with the announcement of Toy Story joining the likes of Big Hero 6 and Tangled as new worlds for the upcoming game. Of course, with Disney purchasing Marvel amidst development, there is always the possibility for some cross-overs. However this far in development, who knows what if anything could be added. In addition I get the feeling fans would rather see this game released then continually modified and delayed.

Either way, confirmation of release year and the inclusion of Toy Story are big news for Kingdom Hearts 3 fans and this update is certainly welcome. I guess the next question is whether Tim Allen and Tom Hanks will do the voice-overs.