Upside-down Dimensions: When origami fights back

Posted on July 23, 2017

Spanish indie developer Hydra Interactive Entertainment has announced their upcoming title Upside-down Dimensions is set to go into Steam early access on July 28 2017 and is being published by Kiss Ltd.

While the title may seem like a game based upon Stranger Things, Upside-down Dimensions is an interesting twist on the ever-popular puzzle adventure game genre.  Set in a magical ancient world of the Samurai, the artwork is designed to look like folded paper and you quite literally cut up your enemies into tiny pieces of confetti with your origami sword.

Female protagonist in Upside-down Dimensions

The world you are exploring has been fractured, and you control two heroes, a boy and a girl, each trapped in a parallel dimension.  You need to solve puzzles on each world to continue, and the actions of one world has direct consequences on the other, allowing for some pretty complex puzzles.

“With Upside-Down dimensions we wanted to craft a game that was unlike any other, both visually, and in terms of gameplay.” said Daniel Parente (CEO and Game Director, Hydra Interactive Entertainment), “Whilst the delicate paper world we created is beautiful to look at, it masks an extremely challenging and complex game.”

Male protagonist in Upside-down Dimensions

And the game certainly looks beautiful, and reminds of a beautifully crafted pop-up story book.  The launch trailer features a lot of pushing blocks around, probably the most fun part of playing a Legend of Zelda game ever.  Like pulling teeth.

Overall, the original origami-style and two world concept makes this a promising looking game.  The only thing that worries me about Upside-down Dimensions (apart from my realisation of how much I hate pushing blocks) is the female protagonist who seems to be only able to run or use her pretty umbrella as a shield when being attacked.  I seriously hope they give her a sword, or a big pair of scissors.