Watch and feed real life Moogles with Moogle Watch

Posted on July 7, 2017

Say goodbye to your social life – for the next five days you can watch real life Moogles 24/7 with Moogle Watch. This is in conjunction with the release of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, which comes out next week.

Moogles have been part of the Final Fantasy family since Final Fantasy III.  These small and furry winged creatures  are able to sprout pom-pom antennae from their heads and are incredibly intelligent.  Now you can see them potter around and play with their latest inventions.

Moogle Watch FFIII

Moogle Watch is a live web stream set up by Square Enix where you can watch Moogles sleep, play and eat.  You can even choose what the Moogles will eat by voting in a live poll.  Voting for a potion is a vote for carrots, elixir = kale, ether = broccoli and phoenixdown = spinach.   I never would have thought Moogles liked rabbit food.

Moogle Watch

Want to name one of the Moogles? You probably have a few names in mind already.

Join in the chat room discussion using !mooglename or tweet using the hashtags #mooglename and #mooglewatch with your  name suggestions to be in with the chance of naming one of the Moogles, then vote for your favourite name in the chat room using !vote.

Moogle Watch

If you see a Moogle doing something outrageous or cute, use the hashtag #mooglewatch.  Square Enix are yet to comment on how this soon-to-be viral sensation may completely overshadow the release of The Zodiac Age.

On the stream site donations can also be made to Vauxhall City Farm (London) where these little Moogles are staying.  When they are not showcasing Moogles, they care for rescue animals (such as rabbits) and specialise in education and therapy animals.  I am sure the Moogles help out as well.

So don’t just rabbit on about it, go and check out the adorable Moogles! Kupo! Watch live video from Square Enix on