1bitHeart: Dolphin’s dream and milk tea

Posted on August 6, 2017

In exciting news for lovers of Anime style art and story, Playism have announced that Japanese friend maker RPG/graphic adventure 1bitHeart will receive an offical release in August. 1bitHeart will be available both on Playism and Steam, translated to english and with additional events not present in the original game.

1bitHeart is set in a world where everything is controlled and watched over by computers. You play Nanashi, a lonely boy who steps out in to the world to make friends. Strange things begin to occur in the town and Nanashi and friends need to investigate and solve. Gameplay is generally side scrolling and is split into conversation and investigation modes similar to Ace Attorney etc.


Now, there is a slight elephant in the room. Technically speaking, this was originally a free RPG made by △○□× (Miwashiba) using the WOLF RPG editor. Miwashiba is also known for Alice Mare and LiEat. 1bitHeart was originally released in 2015 in chapter format with various updates until early 2016 in Japanese.

There is a vgperson english translation that can be easily found online. The game already has a following, as evidenced by various fan fic and DeviantArt accounts. Nevertheless although not technically new, the art looks absolutely beautiful. Just check out the trailer below. The story sounds intriguing and the music works with the look of the game perfectly.

If you have not played it yet and enjoy heavily story driven visual games this one could be for you. Let the shipping begin.