Dota 2’s $24 million International Championship has ended

Posted on August 13, 2017

The Dota 2 International 2017 has concluded with a record breaking US $24,662,157 prize pool being split between the teams.

Taking place in Seattle for the 6th consecutive year, The International has solidified itself as one of eSports’ biggest events, destroying the previous prize pool record of US $20,770,640 that was set by 2016’s Dota 2 International. The Grand Final was watched live by over 5 million fans who got to watch as Team Liquid took on Newbee in a best of 5 game series.

Despite putting up a real challenge, Team Liquid were untouchable this year and ended the best of 5 with a clean sweep, winning 3 games in a row and securing themselves as Dota 2’s International champions. It is also the first time in Dota 2 history a team won The International Championships with a clean sweep of 3 games. For their valiant efforts, Team Liquid are taking home an insane prize of well over US $10 million, with the rest of the prize pool being split amongst the top 18 teams.

Prize pool split for The International 2017

With the conclusion of the Dota 2 International, it is clear eSports has never been in a better place. With Dota 2 consistently upping the ante when it comes to prize pools that are now eclipsing that of traditional sports, and League of Legends constantly breaking records when it comes to player-base and viewership, eSports is only getting bigger and bigger.

A massive congratulations to Team Liquid as well the other competing teams for taking part in one of the biggest eSport events in history.

Team Liquid winning The International 2017

For more information on the event, head to the official website or head here to check out videos of the final games.