Dragoon character class blazes onto Etrian Odyssey V

Posted on August 5, 2017

Popular dungeon-crawler JRPG, Etrian Odyssey V, has just released new gameplay footage, featuring one of new classes available in their upcoming sequel ‘Beyond the Myth’. Previously announced, the Dragoon class will be a selectable option for Earthlain characters. Watch as we get to see them battle and witness how this powerful class of warrior both protects their teammates, and destroys their opponents.

Depending on how a player decides to level up their Dragoon class, they can either focus on defense to create a Herculean Dragon Knight, or attack to become an Artillery Dragon Knight. Focusing on defense grants Dragoons powerful skills to protect their team from harm with different guard stances, along with extra stat buffs in vitality, and wisdom. For those who like to smash their way through, a Dragoon who specializes in attacks will inflict long range cannon damage as well as possible status ailments. They will also receive better stat bonuses to their strength, agility, and luck – which path you take is up to you.

The trailer also shows off the four Dragoon character selections you’ll be offered, along with the opportunity to change both their skin tone, and hair color; a nice little bonus to help create your own unique character.


Choose your adventure as you create your own specialised team, navigate your way through vast lands, map your explorations, and battle fearsome monsters in classic RPG turn-based style on your journey to reach the top of Yggdrasil. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth is set for a late 2017 release date on the Nintendo 3DS.