Find out how magic cats can be with MagiCat

Posted on August 1, 2017

MagiCat is a new cat-themed platform game with a retro feel coming to Steam on 22 August 2017.

Yes, it is another unbearably cute cat game – this time with magic!  And no, it is not based on the famous cat race from She-Ra.  I’ll wait until you finish with Google.

What makes this title stand out is that it was made by a solo indie developer by the name of Kucing Rembes from Indonesia. MagiCat was greenlit by Steam (and rightfully so) and is now being published by Toge Publications.

MagiCat screenshot

In this game, you must help MagiCat retrieve a stolen artefact, travelling through 63 levels across 7 different worlds.  Missing relics are always in the last place you look.  The game features boss battles like all good platformers do, and MagiCat can learn new powers during the game to complement its jumping, dashing and fireball skills.  In a novel twist, using powers like dashing drains your MP, so use your powers wisely.

MagiCat is angry
The artwork and music have a definite nostalgic feel and the game not only looks cute, but also looks hilarious. Check out the trailer below, and if you can’t wait three weeks, there is even an early demo available to play!  This game looks worth checking out, even more so knowing it was a primarily solo effect from a developer who is definitely going places.