Harvey Norman had the SNES Classic Mini for pre-order, but didn’t tell anyone

Posted on August 4, 2017

Much like it was anticipated. the SNES Classic Mini has been selling out in pre-orders so fast most companies barely blink before being flooded by a tsunami of deposits. After the widely reported shortages of the NES Classic Mini and Nintendo’s decision to stop production before fans worldwide had had their fill, there has been a fair amount of hysteria regarding just how available the SNES Classic Mini would be after Nintendo announced it.

Well perhaps to save themselves an onslaught to the like of Helms Deep, the team at Harvey Norman decided to start their pre-orders with very little fanfare… in fact, none at all. Releasing at 10pm on August 2nd the sale was first noticed and reported by Vooks. However even without trumpeters announcing their arrival it seems Harvey Norman had already sold out of their pre-orders by midnight.

Will you play this on your SNES Classic Mini?

It is nice to see Harvey Norman not take advantage of the hype train to whip fans into a frenzy. Rather than create a scene that would be reminiscent of a digital World War Z zombie wave, the online retailer instead rewarded those that probably had a Google alert on the console title. Luckily to avoid vultures hoarding stock of the rare treasure, Harvey Norman limited shoppers to one per person; how hard it would be to trick that system we can’t be sure.

While the link to the crater that was the sale item has now vanished as quickly as it entered into the world, we can only cross our fingers that more SNES Classic Mini find their way to our shores. Surely Nintendo doesn’t want a repeat of the NES Mini that found itself a very expensive doggy in the window of eBay re-sellers — please don’t buy that, it only makes them stronger. Have you already got your SNES Classic Mini pre-ordered? What game are you most excited to revisit?