Become an immortal legend in Crowfall: Throne War

Posted on August 28, 2017

From villager to assassin, regent to mercenary, ruler of kingdoms to downtrodden rogue – Crowfall has it all.  You play a Crow, an immortal constantly being reborn into the world and taking different paths in life.

This current direction of Crowfall is a little different to what I originally saw on Kickstarter but nonetheless looks like a lot of fun.   It has very heavy emphasis on large scale PvP content, with the ability to create entire kingdoms of your own, establish trade routes, stock merchants, and lay siege to your opponents.

Crowfall intends to turn the MMO experience upside down – almost literally.  There is no linear experience gain, very few “go here and kill X monsters” quests, and is very much wanting to create a living and breathing world.

“Powerful enchantments require you to capture thralls — dangerous “ghost” NPCs that can be magically bound into weapons or armor. Resource hubs (quarries, mines and mills) produce excellent resources (in quantity!) but will be difficult to secure. And players will often need to face dangerous creatures in order to stockpile food for the winter.


As the campaign winds down (and winter approaches), survival becomes more difficult. The monsters become more deadly, resources dry up, and the Hunger bleeds the warmth and remaining sustenance from each world.”

No official release date for Crowfall is available yet, but hopefully it’ll be here before we know it. Check out more information about the game here.