LawBreakers leaps heroically onto the competitive FPS scene

Posted on August 8, 2017

In a market currently dominated by competitive FPS games, Cliff Bleszinski (formally of Epic Games) and his newly formed development team at Boss Key Productions had a big task ahead of them to get their game LawBreakers to stand out from amongst the crowd. I first discovered this game from a cinematic trailer released a few months ago, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t succeed in grabbing my attention.

Releasing today, LawBreakers brings personality and high-octane gameplay to the first person shooter realm. The game boasts highly competitive shooting and frenetic action with vertical world design, meaning a player will always be vulnerable from every angle.  The game will have different heroes each with their own movement and combat abilities (as is the trend). There are 9 roles to choose from, playable over 8 different maps with 5 different multiplayer game modes on offer.

“From the beginning, we committed ourselves at Boss Key to find the fun first when making LawBreakers, and place gameplay ahead of everything else. Since then, we’ve worked to push the genre into a new direction, taking everything we’ve learned in the past to deliver a super fast FPS that challenges gamers to be their best and truly compete in gravity-defying combat” – wrote Cliff Bleszinski (co-founder and CEO of Boss Key Productions) within a press release.

LawBreakers is available now on both PC and PS4. For further information head to the LawBreakers website.

LawBreakers gameplay