How long can you survive in Fortnite’s upcoming survival game mode?

Posted on August 20, 2017

Fornite has been out in Early Access now for just under a month. With 1 Million downloads it certainly has taken the world by storm. Luckily for fans of the game they won’t have to wait to much longer for some new content and challenges.

To celebrate their 1 million players, creative director Darren Sugg and executive producer Zak Phelps sat down to discuss their next update. Along with stability fixes and bug fixes the new update, dropping on August 29th, brings with it two new gameplay changes.

New storms will begin to travel throughout the lands of Fortnite that will bring with them modifiers to effect not just the enemy but also players. Darren went on to explain. “These storm systems are unique and add properties like enraged on the creatures, which makes them deal more damage when they’re at low health, or they explode.” The team also promised that buffs would make certain classes stronger or more viable.

The second new addition the team spoke about was the new survival game mode, Survive the Storm. Rounds will last anywhere between 3 to 14 in game days and will produce “amazing” rewards from this “hard ironman” mode.

The pair also promised us more Fortnite updates next week and were sufficiently cryptic in a rather exciting way. Are you still fighting the good fight against the husks? Made any amazing structures? Let us know and be sure to check out Elliot’s thoughts on what works and what doesn’t right now.