Middle Earth: Shadow of War gets frightening new trailer

Posted on August 21, 2017

We’ve seen a lot of Middle Earth: Shadow of War in the months leading up to it’s release, both good and bad. The game has copped some flack due to the inclusion of micro-transactions, but by all accounts the game looks to be one of the bigger action blockbusters of 2017. The aptly titled “Monsters of Mordor” trailer out of Gamescom shows off some of the more beastly and monstrous additions to the game.

The 2 minute video depicts everything from roaring dragons, fire-dwelling Balrogs, spiders (was the Shelob in there?), ghouls, orcs, and wargs. From the look of things, the hero Talion is able to posses and ride most of the beasts in the game, which is a massive step up from the warg riding featured in Shadow of Mordor.

Burn hordes of orcs atop your possessed dragon in Middle Earth: Shadow of War

If you are itching to get back to Middle Earth, the game releases on October 10th across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. I for one am looking forward to possessing my own dragon and burning hordes of orcs, Targaryen style.