You are never too cool for school with Academia: School Simulator

Posted on August 29, 2017

With Academia: School Simulator you can soon fulfil your biggest dream outside of school… to be back at school again!  But this time – you are in charge.

Developed by indie company Squeak Wheel Studio in the Philippines, Academia: School Simulator is just that, a school simulator where you can build the school of your dreams (or nightmares). You can start building and destroying young minds on 8 September 2017 when this game is released on Steam Early Access.

custom school seal

Academia: School Simulator promises two game modes: normal mode, where you need to earn money to build your school, and sandbox mode where money is unlimited.  Normal mode is typical of most simulator games, and faces you with logistical and financial challenges including the type of coffee to serve your teachers and the lunches the students eat. The sandbox mode offers you the chance to play to the limit of your imagination.  Depending on how you wish to play, Academia: School Simulator seems to have that covered.

The game graphics are adorable, and look poised to bring both cute-filled satisfaction and cuteness-driven annoyance and frustration when things go dire. You can create your school’s banner and motto and set the standards for those under your control, or at least attempt to.

In effect, you have two different types of characters to keep happy or torture. Students have various needs which include hygiene, hunger and discipline, and teachers can also be a challenge with different skill sets, teaching styles and motivations.

Academia opening screen

You can build a variety of different classrooms and facilities, including canteens, clinics, computer labs and even your infamous toilet block (guess that’s where the hygiene bit comes in).

While a school simulator may sound more like detention than recess, Academia: School Simulator looks like a cute and challenging sim to waste away your time when you should be studying.