Get locked up in new psychological horror game, Inmates

Posted on August 28, 2017

The latest game announced from publisher Iceberg Interactive, Inmates,  is set to be scary.  Set for release later this year, it’s promising all the suffocation you can get in a prison setting, mind bending puzzles and a hidden truth to discover.

Inmate screenshot

You’ll be playing as Jonathan, who has just woken up from a terrible nightmare. But did it actually end? You’re trapped inside a run down prison cell. You’ve got no clue how you got there, or anything to help- except a voice on the old radio, and a vague sense of familiarity.

Find out the truth of the situation, keep sane, and get out.

Inmates logo

Set for release within the next few months, we should see Inmates sometime this Spring.

Wishlist it now on Steam! Or, check out the offical website to keep up with news. With the price at $9.99 for 3-4 hours of horrific gameplay, dare you get into your cell? Watch the trailer here: