Overwatch is ready for a Deathmatch

Posted on August 11, 2017

Overwatch has made a name for itself recently by being a game built around fighting as a team; well throw that out the window because in the latest Developer Update, Blizzard have announced that one of their two new modes will be a no holds barred Free-For-All.

The two new modes will be available on the Public Test Region later today, August 11th, and can be located under the Arcade zone titled Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch. If you’ve played any other multiplayer FPS in the last decade I’m sure you know what to expect.


An 8 player mode that will see heroes facing off in a fight to make 20 kills and achieve glory. At launch no hero will be banned but if it’s anything like the 1v1 and 3v3 we will see this mode take its own meta and heroes that are overpowered or disrupt gameplay will be disabled. So I hope you are ready for utter chaos!

Team Deathmatch

Feeling a lot a lot more familiar to players, Team Deathmatch returns to 6v6 but rather than focusing on an objective teams will have to tactically eliminate the enemy with the goal of reaching 30 kills first. Mercy will play a key role in this game mode as her resurrection ability will deduct points from the enemy team — so expect to see lots of love for everyone’s favourite Swiss aerial physician, and expect to be in the sights of every enemy if you play her.

Overwatch brings a deathmatch

The change-up in play style will be very interesting to see how players adapt as characters built around objective based gameplay won’t always work well in a firefight and team compositions will be up in the air while the perfect combo is figured out.

Along with the new modes we’re also going to be getting new maps including smaller versions of the existing maps — Black Forest, Chateau and more.

We’re unsure when Overwatch will be launching the new modes and maps on the PC and console live servers but with the Summer Games currently running it’s safe to assume this will be the follow up to the event. You can download the patch later today for the PTR to try out the new modes but just remember now more than ever, protect your healer.