Panda Pop pops the 100 Million download bubble

Posted on August 28, 2017

Panda Pop, a classic bubble shooter has reached 100 Million downloads. It’s the second of developers Jam City’s original IP’s to get over 100 Million, with Cookie Jam being the first.

The extremely adorable game is about popping bubbles that have your baby panda pups trapped in them!

panda pop screenshot

As mumma panda, throw up your bubbles to rescue your babies. It’s really pretty simple. Its a classic bubble shooter with an adorable premise, cute art and fuzzy animals. Of course it’s doing well. With 2,640 levels, it’s pretty much endless fun, all on your phone for free.  Amazingly, there are let’s plays of people getting up to at least level 2000 as well. Now that’s dedication.

Boasting  9.7 million monthly active users on top of their 100 million players now, Jam City definitely get to pop (ha ha) the champagne this month.

Get it on Google Play or the App Store.