Take a look at Pikuniku, a delightful dystopian adventure

Posted on August 31, 2017

The Nintendo Switch (and PC) is getting another indie title in 2018! Pikuniku, published by the wonderfully disturbed Revolver Digital, has been revealed with a colourful and unsettling trailer. Check it out below.

Described as an absurd puzzle platformer, Pikuniku takes place in world where not everything is at it seems. The trailer describes Pikuniku as a a game to make people happy, featuring deep state conspiracies and aggressive toast (I’m as confused as you are). You will play as Piku, an outsider who willl help the townsfolk face their fears, uncover conspiracies, and restore a happy community. Sounds charming! On offer is a co-op mode, where Piku and Niku will conquer two-player levels in local cooperative mode.

From the look of things, the title is going to offer some delightful platforming and puzzle solving, amidst some Orwellian-level government control and shadyness. A character in the trailer appears to malfunction and reveal itself as some sort of robot, and loudspeakers and surveillance cameras pop up among the brightly coloured homes.

Not everything is at it seems in Pikuniku

Devolver Digital CEO Fork Parker offered the following statement regarding the new indie title:

“During the course of early development it became clear that if we wanted to add in all the gore and violence that gamers crave it would cost a lot more money… And I’m not about to pay for more than I have to so get ready for vibrant colors and cute, invincible characters.”

Tonally, Pikuniku certainly looks worlds apart from some of Devolver Digital’s other published titles, but I am nonetheless intrigued and keen to know more. You can keep up to date with Pikuniku at the game’s website here.