Pokémon Instagram may help get you through your week

Posted on August 7, 2017

You’ve just finished your fun-filled weekend and sadly it’s the start to a new week. Well don’t let school or work or any other daily commitments get you down, because you can instead take trip over to the official Japanese Pokémon Instagram account to help brighten your day!

That’s right there’s an official Pokémon Instagram for all you Pokéfans to gush over. The account mostly features adorable pictures of Pikachu in even more adorable situations but does occasionally feature Pokémon news. We have included some of our favourite pictures from the Instagram account below for you to peruse at your own pleasure.

For those looking to keep more up to date on Pokénews rather than Pikachu pics then check out the International Pokémon Instagram. Sure there’s a lot less adorable pictures to go nuts over but you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to all other things Pokémon! Alternatively, plenty of Pokémon news can be found right here on Checkpoint.