Quake Champions rocket-jumps into Early Access

Posted on August 25, 2017

Quake Champions, Bethesda and Id Software’s highly anticipated arena shooter, has recently been released as a Steam Early Access title.

The game has been floating around closed beta for a decent amount of time but now everyone can join in on the fun with an Early Access version of the game available here on Steam or through the Bethesda.net launcher. The game has been updated with a whole range of new stuff as it enters Early Access that includes new maps, features and a new character, the mighty DOOM Slayer from the DOOM series.

The game will be available for PC only (which if you watch the incredibly fast-paced gameplay you’ll understand why) and it will be eventually released as a free-to-play title. For now though, if you want to jump into the Early Access version of the game, you’d need to pay the price of a mid-tier game. The game has no official full release date as of yet.

Quake Champions