ReCore definitive edition launching this month

Posted on August 21, 2017

ReCore didn’t set the world on fire upon release (our review here), but that isn’t stopping Comcept and Armature Studio from breathing new life into the title with the upcoming Recore Definitive Edition, releasing August 29th. Check out the announcement trailer, fresh from Gamescom, below.

The update features a new quest, called “Eye of Obsidian,” a new robot companion and new customization options. While the game caught some attention after it’s surprise reveal at E3 2015, a bland open world and repetitive fetch quest structure led to some disappointment among players. Hopefully this definitive edition will see the world fleshed out a little more and help to create a more engaging experience.

Recore Definitive Edition Cover Art

Existing owners of Recore will get the definitive edition completely free of charge, a generous move on the developer’s end. Additionally, the Definitive Edition will feature on Xbox Game Pass during September for download and play to all who subscribe to the service.