Spotify finally comes to Xbox One

Posted on August 9, 2017

After a tease from Microsoft last week, Spotify has been confirmed to be arriving on Xbox One! The new Xbox One app looks and feels very similar to the existing Android TV and PlayStation 4 apps that are already in place. Spotify is available today on the Xbox One in 34 marketplaces around the world for free and premium users. It also supports Spotify Connect, so you’ll be able to log into the app using your smartphone and control features such as playback and volume.

For those of us who have been gaming long enough to remember the days of the original Xbox, this is a big win. Spotify for Xbox One includes access to gaming playlists and your own personal playlists as well as the ability to run in the background. This means you can play your own music while you drive, shoot or quest your days and nights away all with the freedom to control the volume and feedback from your smartphone or the Xbox One guide, things have never looked so good!

Spotify running on an Xbox One

To put an end to your gaming music woes just download the Spotify app from the Xbox One Store today and choose your personalised gaming experience. There’s even a playlist curated by Xbox legend Major Nelson himself to help celebrate the launch.