Square Enix launches ‘Your Friend, Me’ campaign, raising money for suicide prevention

Posted on August 30, 2017

In the USA the month of September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. With Life is Strange: Before the Storm due to release this week, Square Enix have announced their “Your Friend, Me” campaign to raise money and support suicide prevention services. Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a great tie in for the campaign and for National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month because the game series touches on issues such as mental health and suicide.

The Your Friend, Me campaign is asking people to create a short video addressing a friend and letting them know simply that you’re thinking of them. Then you post the video using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter — wherever you think the message should live. Make sure to tag the video with #YourFriendMe and #LifeIsStrange.

From there Square Enix have pledged to donate $5 for every video that is posted, up to $25,000 to the JED Foundation. The donation will be used to support programs to promote mental health and prevent suicide for teens and young adults nation wide. Square Enix originally tweeted about the campaign earlier this week and also had a video booth set up at the Life is Strange display at the GameStop 2017 Expo in Las Vegas for attendees to record their own videos.

While this is an American based charity assisting American youth, that does not mean that those of us in Australia can’t make our own videos. Not only will we aid in raising funds for the charity but it also serves as a reminder to a good friend that you’re here for them, something I’m sure many in our community deserve to hear right about now.

“We are grateful to Square Enix for helping to raise awareness for mental health and JED’s work,” said John MacPhee, CEO/Executive Director, JED. “We all encounter life’s challenges and support from friends can help us get through those difficult times. ‘Your Friend, Me’ is a wonderful way for people to share their story and express their genuine appreciation for a friend, all while spreading a positive message and helping to make a charitable contribution to JED.”

I would urge all of our readers to take just a moment to create your own short video and take part in this campaign as there isn’t anyone in the world that doesn’t want to know that they matter to someone — especially when it’s also for a good cause. If you’re unsure about what to say you can see my own example below.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm releases globally on August 31st for Xbox One, PC and PS4. For those wanting to learn more about the game, it just released a new trailer this week at Gamescom.