A Summer 2017 update incoming for Civilization VI

Posted on August 1, 2017

Fans of the beloved Civilization VI  are to expect some amazing changes incoming packaged as the Summer 2017  update.  Windows players will have the update already, with Mac and Linux players getting the update soon. The update includes an array of changes, improvements, additions to the Scenarios, and some bug fixes too.  The Nubia Civilization and Scenario Pack has also been made available to players as a premium DLC which is led by Kadake Amanitore in the new ‘The Gift of the Nile’ scenario.  The new DLC is available to owners of the Digital Deluxe edition of Sid Meier’s Civilization VI at no extra cost.

Civilization VI

One of the more important features which needs to be mentioned is a fan requested addition making its way into game play.  A restart button to regenerate the map using your current game settings, and the ability to save game configuration settings for future games has been included into this update. In addition, there are balance changes to District costs, some Civ-specific adjustments, and a notification when your cities can bombard nearby enemy units to add to the already amazing list of features making their way to computers around the world.

Some of the features and additions with the new scenario have been listed below:

  • Additional Civ Unique Ability
  • Additional Queen Amanitore Unique Ability
  • Nubian Pyramid Improvement
  • Jebel Barkal Wonder
  •  Head-to-Head competitive scenario
  • Added Restart button to regenerate the map
  • Added the saving of game setup configurations to reuse when starting future games,

For more details regarding the rest of the changes that has made its way to the PC version of  Civ VI and soon to come to Mac and Linux, visit the Civilization blog.